Summer 2018 BBQ Catering Ideas

Summer is here, and the warm weather tends to bring out an appetite for barbecue. Here are some excellent summertime BBQ catering ideas that will be sure to please all of your friends, family, or co-workers.

Southwest BBQ

Southern cooking is rich in its hearty and wholesomeness. Southwest BBQ is a great option for afternoon parties that go on into the evening. Begin with classics such as coleslaw, cheese sticks, and potato salad. The main focal points of a southern barbecue are of course burgers and BBQ chicken breast. Further into the occasion, treat on some warm hearty beef chili and a southern classic: corn on the cob. This platter of fantastic southern foods will surely leave your guests feeling warm and satisfied.

BBQ Skewers

BBQ skewers are a delicacy all across the world. They’re best enjoyed with a touch of Mediterranean – in the form of Pita with Hummus, Greek Tortellini Salad, and Spinach salad. The main focus however is of course the skewers: Chicken Souvlaki Skewers, Beef Kabobs, Garlic Prawn skewers.Enjoy with sides of grilled vegetables, spanish rice pilaf, and enjoy desserts such as Watermelon and Fresh Pies w/ Cream.

Chicken and Ribs BBQ

Skip out on the Rib Festivals this year and enjoy a wholesome platter for your party. Chicken and Ribs are an absolute favourite. Get your fingers covered in delicious tangy BBQ sauce and indulge in delicious scalloped potatoes on the side.

Whatever the occasion, summer is the prime season for barbecue catering. So sit back, relax, and indulge on one of the amazing BBQ options this summer.