The Secret to a perfect Barbeque Party

Summer has arrived and with it the opportunity to host friends and family with a fun-filled barbecue. Creating the perfect party atmosphere can be simple with some easy tips so that your next gathering goes off without a hitch and has people eagerly anticipating the next invite!

The Food
The first thing on your mind when hosting a barbecue party is naturally the menu. There’s no need to stress about what you’re serving; keep things simple and stick to what you know and what you’re good at. Possibly the easiest way to serve up wonderful dishes without the hassle factor and time pressure is to hire a local company serving BBQ catering. A caterer can not only make helpful suggestions if you’re wondering what tidbits will go over well, he or she has the experience to create delightful dishes and have them ready just in time.

Pitchers for the win
The next item to think about will be the drinks. Whether you’re serving non-alcoholic beverages or something with a bit more kick (and you really should offer a combination of both), the best way to whip up great summer libations is to blend them pitcher-style. Make larger batches and create a display with your pitchers, cups, and a tub of ice where guests can easily pour their drink of choice and you can spend more time playing host or hostess.

Turn up the tunes!
Any great barbecue party includes some music to set the mood; this can be as elaborate as hiring live musicians (and if you have talented friends you could certainly take advantage of that) or as simple as a smartphone or iPod and a set of Bluetooth speakers. No matter which direction you head, ensure that the music doesn’t take over the entire party; guests will better enjoy a background playlist over which they can hear their conversations.

You’ve got your food, drinks and tunes figured out – what’s next? Most adults still enjoy the occasional game, especially when there is humour involved. There are numerous games available, whether you set up a board game station at a picnic table or encourage everyone to join a lawn game. Let a Google search be your guide to some fun and reasonably priced (or free) outdoor fun. If you’ve invited guests that are strangers to each other, some type of structured entertainment will often help to break the ice.

Often the decor can become the biggest stressor because it’s left for last. Don’t panic, and don’t feel as if you have to create a circus atmosphere. Guests will appreciate a mowed lawn with neat hedges and some space to relax and visit far more than they will an elaborate theme with all the bells and whistles. Some simple lit lanterns for lighting far into the night will help to set the mood and some comfortable chairs where people can sit and chat are great ideas that will make a big difference.