Oktoberfest Menu

Oktoberfest Menu

Sweet and Savory Pretzels

Garden Salad
A Colorful Assortment of Vegetables on Mixed Greens. Served with House-made Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
German Potato Salad

Pork Schnitzel
Served with Delicious Apple Sauce
Bratwurst and Smokies
Served with Fried Onions and Hot Mustard

Cheddar and Potato Perogies
Served with Sour Cream
Red Cabbage

Apple Strudel
Served with Fresh Cream

Pop and Juice

25 – 50 guests 50 – 75 guests 75 – 100 guests 100 – 200 guests
$28.95 $26.95 $25.95 $24.95
Please Call 604-669-6461 or Email citycore@shaw.ca to receive a quote for groups over 200 or under 25

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