Frequently Asked Questions

How small a group can you cater for?

Ten. If you have a group smaller than that, please give us a call.

How large a group can you cater for?
Up to 2000 people.

How do I place my order?
Give us a call at 604-669-6461 or contact us here.

Is there a deposit required?
We require a deposit of 25% in order to secure bookings over $2,500 total.
They must be paid latest 30 days before the event and will not be refundable after 30 days

If we get Catering dropped off, when do you come pick up the dishes?
We will be by the next day to pick up the dishes. If you need same day pickup, there is a $25 additional fee.

How far in advance do I need to order?
At least 24 hours before your event. However, we will try our best to accommodate late orders.

How early can you deliver breakfast?
8:00am, unless under special circumstances.

How late can you deliver?
As late as needed, by request.

Can we order beer and wine from you?
No, we do not supply Liquor, however, we can serve it! Check out our Bartending Page for more information.

How do I place an order after hours?
Contact us here. We will return your email or give you a call in the morning.

For hot food does it arrive hot or do you heat it up on the premises?
All food comes fully prepared, hot or cold. We keep everything in a Cambro Container until served.

Do I have a choice of disposable dishes or regular dishes?
Yes. Breakfast, Lunch and BBQ Menus have disposable cutlery included in the price. Dinner and Wedding Menus have porcelain cutlery included in the price.  Let us know if you have a preference and we can work something out.

Do you pack portable to go meals?
We do! Check out ReadyMaidMeals.com to have your favourite dish at home!