Choosing the Right Catering Company for your Wedding

With all of the other things that go into planning your special day, it pays to ensure that you’re hiring just the right catering service in Vancouver so that things go off without a hitch. With so many options out there, it might take some time to find a winner; be sure to meet with candidates in person and chat with each one. Sometimes a caterer becomes the right choice simply because of their level of professionalism or an easy to deal with personality. Here are some great tips to finding the best wedding caterer in Vancouver for you occasion.

Your expectations vs your caterer’s abilities
First of all, think about what you expect from your caterer. Often a caterer isn’t just going to prepare your meals and snacks; they’re also going to make sure that dinner runs on schedule and can even handle the rental of your tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, dishes and glassware (phew!). You may also be looking for someone who can bake and decorate your wedding cake. Make a list of questions so that you won’t forget anything (let’s be honest, your plate is a little full), and be sure to ask for any details that you deem important. You’ll also want to know that they’re capable of handling a reception of the size that you’re anticipating. Some great questions to ask are;

• Are you a full service caterer? (and exactly what that means)
• What’s the largest and smallest reception that you’ve successfully managed?
• Do you have a licence? (Do you meet local health department standards)
• Do you have a liquor licence? (If they’re providing the bar service)
• How many staff do you employ or supply and what will everyone wear?
• Could you provide photos of previous events?
• Can you provide special meals? (Vegan, gluten free, nut allergy)
• Do you carry liability insurance?

Give your caterer the information they’ll need in order to serve you best. If you’re on a budget, for example, they need to know what your max price will be before they start coming up with a good plan. A good caterer will give you some suggestions for menu items and even be able to provide delicious fare for special dietary needs.
If you do plan to have your caterer make your cake, ask them to provide pictures of previous cakes they’ve made. Ensure that you’re both clear on cake expectations, like incorporating your wedding colours into the icing or decor.

Your caterer should provide a full and detailed quote and supply information on how they plan to do set up, break down, and what clean up they’ll handle. It’s best to get some references and glean as much information as you can before committing.
Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but it comes with its own set of stresses. Doing your background work and making sure that the caterer fits your needs (and has a personality that you can enjoyably work with) will keep stresses to a minimum and bring joy to your special day.

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