Catering Ideas For Parties Everyone Will Love

When you’re having an event catered, not only are you taking the stress off yourself, but you have the opportunity to get food that each and every one of your guests will love. Think about who you’re going to be having at your party. Is the event for adults, or is it family friendly with a lot of kids involved? Is it casual and fun, or more formal (but just as fun!)?

Catering Ideas

The type of event your having will help dictate what kind of catering you get, but regardless the goal is tasty food that everyone will enjoy. Here are some tips on what you can have served at your event, whether it is a birthday party, an anniversary, or a wedding, that will have every guest coming back for seconds.

Quick Bites

Everyone loves appetizers. While it’s a good idea not to overdo it because everyone will want to save room for the main course, there is a lot that you can do that everyone will enjoy. Even if you just choose three appetizers that all offer something different for your guests, then you’re sure to please. Go with something savoury, something crispy or crunchy, and something more health conscious and you have a great appetizer spread.

Vegetarian Options

There are usually a few vegetarian at any event that you host or will go to. Catering to them is a wonderful gesture, and the rest of your guests will enjoy the tasty vegetarian options as well. Having at least one vegetarian appetizer, and a vegetarian main course option will be a kindness for your guests. You can also ask your guests beforehand if they will require a vegetarian main course, and then purchase enough options (plus one, just in case) for them, then you’ll be set.

Make it Fun!

One thing that people will love is getting outside and having a good time, and one of the best catering options for having some outdoor fun is a BBQ! Whether you get chicken, ribs, southwest style, skewers, or Mexican style BBQ, you will be having a great day. A BBQ experience can be tailor-made to suit your needs, and it is a great way to incorporate outdoor activities into a party. Get some tents up, and maybe rent a bouncy castle for the kids (or for you) and you’ll have a blast.

Bright & Early

If you’re having an early event, or you just love crepes and pancakes, then you can always have breakfast catering. From continental breakfast, with delicious pastries and fruit, to hearty eggs and bacon strips, you’ll have a delightful breakfast or brunch for everyone to enjoy. There are a ton of vegetarian options when it comes to breakfast food as well, so everyone will be well taken care of if you choose to go this route. Think outside the box; you’ll be sure to enjoy!

There are a ton of fun ways to cater an event that will leave your guests satisfied. Food is a huge part of celebrating, and so celebrate the right way. At City Core Catering we have an extensive menu, with tons of options that everyone will enjoy. Let us help with your next event!