5 Catering Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

As an event planner, you will want all aspects of every event to be as memorable as possible. This is not only to showcase your skills, but also to improve your reputation as a stand-out company amidst the growing number of event planners. One of the most important features to consider when planning a corporate or personal event is the catering issue. To ensure the catering is a success, it is vital that you have a ‘catering strategy’ laid out. This article will provide information on the top five catering ideas for your next big corporate event.

1. Providing Attendee-Requested Options

Many catering companies will often be concerned that the attendees of an event will not enjoy the set menu. Obviously, to gain a good reputation you will want to provide the guests with an enjoyable selection but how do you know what they want? One idea is to offer an attendee-request option as part of the event management platform. This will allow you to ask guests what they would prefer and cater according to desires or preferences.

2. Choosing Unique Foods

An average menu can be tasty, but it will remain ‘average’ and uneventful. To truly stand out as a memorable corporate event, it is recommended that you consider offering unique food choices. Examine the social media platforms and consider some of the most interesting dishes, such as a rice crispy burger. This will have the guests talking for days and may even have them try the dish at home.

3. Have a Reputable Chef

When it comes to your meal, it is worth it to try and secure a reputable chef to do that cooking. Having a name that people can know and trust can help make the meal something truly wonderful. A trusted chef can provide you not only with a piece of mind but also with a wonderful meal.

4. Present The Food Creatively

Cost is sensitive and it is important to consider financial limitations; however, you should not fret if the money is tight. It is possible to make the event intriguing by presenting food is a creative manner. For example, a fondue selection is exciting for all people because they are able to interact with the displays – fun for all!

5. Matching Meals To The Event Location

It is highly beneficial to take advantage of the event location when choosing catering options. Having theming can help your entire event feel cohesive and flow together nicely. For example, why not serve a Cajun meal when hosting a corporate event in New Orleans? Your guests will have an amazing meal, they will also have an amazing event.

No matter what you corporate event is, having a proper caterer is something that helps immensely. If you are looking for a catering partner that can be there for all of your corporate events, then contact the wonderful chefs at City Core Catering. We are here to provide your next corporate event with a delicious meal.